The number 31 means a great deal to me, it is infused with both my life and my persona.  It revolves around Halloween, the day my alter ego awoke. Halloween is a very special time for me; it's not the culture but also the season of autumn. The vibes, the colors, the smells, and flavors. As a child I always looked forward to Halloween, even more than my birthday. It was the one day out of the year when I could "be myself" free of judgement from others and it was quite liberating.

Often, I get asked about my anonymity,  why I choose to keep my identity a secret. To answer simply, I wear a mask to escape this harsh reality, and to erase the horrors that haunt me each day. With every atom inside my countless cells I hope to inspire, as I am inspired by others. The longer I wear my mask the more I forget who I once was and I begin to heal. This is my life through a photographic journal, a memoir. I am free and I will always be, I am me.

- V|V|F